Thursday, March 30, 2006

Save on Gas? Tailgate

I recently read that the optimal gas efficiency speed on the highway is about 60mph, in general. For every 5mpg over 60, the increased air resistance causes a drop of about 10% in fuel efficiency. So if you were driving 75mph, you would be spending about 30% more gas then if you were going 60.

I found this graph from a government website (click the graph to visit the site).

In some states (like Michigan), the speed limit is 70mph, but lets face it, when was the last time you drove “speed limit” on an uncongested highway?

The reason why your efficiency drops so rapidly after 60mph is due to air resistance. Logic would dictate that if you decrease your air resistance, you increase your gas efficiency. Auto makers have been making their cars more and more aerodynamic – able to cut through the air with less resistance.

Another solution – tailgate.

In racing, they call it “drafting”. NASCAR drivers use it, and so do bike racers like Lance Armstrong.

Okay, tailgating is stupid - It causes many accidents, some fatal.

If you know how to follow a car and which kind of car to follow, however, you will notice a decrease on the amount of gas you use.

The science is simple – the car or truck in front of you “breaks the wind” for you, hence reducing air resistance. The bigger the vehicle in front of you, the farther away you can be in order to reap the benefits.

With my sedan, I often follow (not tailgate, though – too dangerous) SUVs or semi-trucks – prefer SUVs, though.

Where is my proof? Well, I don’t really have any solid proof. However, on a recent trip, I rented a 2006 Ford Taurus and drove it about 300 miles. On the way there, it was sunny and dry so I followed an SUV down I-75 going at about 75mpg. I got there in about 4 hours and used less ¾ tank of gas.

On my way back, it was night so I did not follow behind any cars. I went about 65 or 70 (speed limit). It took me a longer to get home and I used an entire tank of gas!

Following behind another car is also a good idea when the wind is blowing hard. On my way back from school, going down a highway I notice a big difference, especially on a windy day, between taking the lead and following. I could feel the car get heavier and the need to press the gas peddle harder.

Do NOT tailgate
(its illegal). A skilled driver can save on gas, however, by leaving a safe, but close, distance between you and a driver in front of you. Of course, you could always get yourself one of these bumper-stickers:


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